Sasquatch Modern Software Applications, Inc.

Sasquatch Modern Software Applications, Inc.


We are Sasquatch Modern Software Applications, Inc. and we build web applications and other software to solve a wide range of problems.


We have more than a dozen years experience building server applications in what is now being called the cloud. We are active in the communities where pioneering development techniques and state of the art technology are originating. It is from these communities that the latest trends in software application creation evolve from.


Specializing in web application performance we are available to lend a hand on projects needing a tune up or building new features. We prefer to work with Ruby, Ruby On Rails, JavaScript, and Node.js related technologies.



CapGun ( is a service that asynchronously captures screen shots of web pages rendered with WebKit. The service has a REST and JSON based API. Although it is intended for consumption by other automated services, it does have a convenient panel for creating capping jobs.

Media Queue

Media Queue (aka NTK ( is a media processor. It has processed over 1,000,000 MMS messages over the last six years and posts their images into three separate private bulletin boards that subscribe to the service. The NTK app also has a private panel for users to access their original media outside of the bulletin board.

Other sites and apps

We’ve consulted on these and many other notable sites and applications.


Engine Yard

As an Engine Yard partner we can deploy and host your application to their best in class hosting environment.

Engine Yard

New Relic

As a New Relic partner we can ensure your application is tuned to operate at its best at all times.

New Relic RPM


As a Shopify partner we can build and deploy your ecommerce application into their leading web commerce platform.



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